How many times have you walked out of the doctor’s office and asked yourself “What did he or she say?” “What diagnosis do I have? “What medications do I need to take?” Over the years, I have heard many of my friends, my family, and their family members ask those same questions. To my disbelief, I would always ask “Why didn’t you just ask the doctor to explain your diagnosis and treatment options?”

 “Often the response would sound like “He or she didn’t have enough time to talk” or “I just couldn’t understand the medical jargon.”

I’ve always been proud to say that my strongest asset was my communication skills and I’ve definitely used these skills to help my patients, my friends and family members feel more at ease when talking about different health topics. Since medical school, I have always enjoyed being an educator and making people feel empowered after helping them understand the basics of different diseases. So here I am, trying to share that knowledge with you and hopefully you will share that knowledge with your circle of friends and family members.

I hope to bring to light some important health topics that are discussed in hospitals, doctors’ offices, coffee shops and in the media. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and if you take away one important message from my monthly site, then I’ve accomplished my goal!

Let’s get back to the Basics of Better Health!